Sohar Power



Acting as a responsible corporate citizen in 2020, Sohar Power Company engaged with the local community by contributing its resources and actions; going beyond its responsibilities related to power generation and water desalination.


The projects carried out in 2020 primarily focused on education, health & safety, social development, and protection of the environment, in line with the objectives set by the Company under its Corporate Social Responsibility (“CSR”) policy.

In 2020, the world faced unprecedented challenge of COVID-19, the company has contributed and support the Ministry of Health with 10,000 OMR to alleviate the spread of COVID-19 during early stages of the pandemic. The Company has also contributed 15,000 OMR to the Sohar Industrial Port Company initiative to setup a dedicated testing laboratory under the auspices of the Ministry of Health for COVID-19 and other type of viruses. The laboratory should speed up the testing cycles to ensure the smooth operation in the port area in which the plant is located.


The Company has co-supported an initiative of The Ministry of Education 8,000 OMR to train around 200 students on mobile app development and then launch a competition for them. The projects aim to increase the awareness among young student about the importance of digital transformation and provide them with the basic skills that they need to acquire in order to enter the digitalization era.


The top 2 will participate in international MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) competitions which will enhance their experience and allow then to engage with students from different parts of the world.